Tattoo Pain Chart: Where Does It Hurt The Most? Your Guide

A tattoo is a kind of bodily change or modification in which a design is created permanently or it can be by temporarily introducing tattoo inks, dyes, colors, and/or pigments into the dermis layer of skin. About 225 million humans in this world have at least one tattoo on their body. Most people think in a way that tattoos might make them feel more unique. An estimated 60% of women have tattoos when compared to 41% of total men.

Tattoos these days have become a special way to express yourself and your individuality to society. Tattoos are the special creatives that draw the high attention of society and make you feel different. There are various motivations to get a tattoo done. It can be expressing yourself better, showing some ethnicity, showcasing your interests, possessing freedom, etc. It may be any reason or choice. Being a fact that Many people have tattoos or want one but are not sure about the facts Is Tattooing a painful process? How much pain might I feel? What is the most hurting area and what are the areas of least or minimum harm to get a tattoo?

They are not clear about what is pain, what are its types, what kind of pain I might experience during tattooing and when will the pain go away. So, here in this blog, we will discuss these confusing but crucial questions with the help of a Tattoo pain chart. Let us first understand the related concepts.

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Where does the tattoo hurt most or least?

Here is an easy way to help you understand better about these tattoo pain areas using this chart and a table. In the table below you will come to know about What are the painful areas according to intensity of pain and the reason behind it.

Here’s a tattoo pain chart to help you understand where a tattoo hurts most and why it hurts.

Body Part Pain Level Why it Hurts
Most Painful    
Feet and Ankles Very High Thin skin, lots of bones and nerve endings
Ribs and Sternum Very High Bony with minimal padding
Hands and Fingers Very High Similar to feet, many bones and nerves close to the surface
Spine Very High Nearness to the spinal nerves and major nerves
Knees and Elbows High Thin and less fleshy skin stretched over bony joints
Armpits and Groin High Sensitive areas with high nerve concentration
Neck and the Throat High Thin skin and proximity to major nerves
Moderately Painful    
Calves and Shins Moderate Bony areas but with some muscle cushioning
Upper Back and Shoulders Moderate Thick skin with less nerve endings ( far away from the spine)
Buttocks Moderate More muscle padding compared to other areas
Least Painful    
Forearms and Biceps Low Thick muscle mass and fewer nerves
Thighs Low Relatively thick skin and muscle padding
Upper Chest Low Thicker skin compared to lower chest


What are the Factors That Affect Tattoo Pain Tolerance?

Many factors will determine the point of how much pain you will feel. This might be biological, emotional, mental, or physical factors Let us discuss a few more below:

1. Age or weight

Older or obese people are more likely to bruise or feel more pain compared to young individuals. People with higher body weight may experience looser skin, potentially leading to increased sensitivity during tattooing. Conversely, those with low body fat may also perceive heightened pain sensations during the process.

2. Gender

Also, A scientific study said that females might feel more intense pain than men. But as everybody is quite different, this might not apply to all. Still, it determines that gender can play a role in how we experience and manage pain.

3. Emotional and Mental state

Mood, mental stability, and well-being can be a great factor that might influence this experience of pain. A stressed or depressed person might feel more pain and a happier one would feel it less.

4. Lifestyle

Lifestyle habits have a big impact on the way you manage pain. For example, there is a scientific study on this topic that smokers experience more pain than nonsmokers.

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What can you do to feel less pain while getting a tattoo?

Getting a tattoo can be a painful experience, but there are some ways to make it feel less painful. Let us discuss these below:

  • Choose a skilled artist at a neat and clean shop, you should get a good sleep at night, and don’t take any blood-thinning medications.
  • Pick a less painful region of your body like your arm and avoid getting tattooed if you are feeling sick.
  • Stay hydrated, eat a healthy meal, and dress comfortably. During the tattooing session, take breaks if needed, breathe deeply, and distract yourself with some good music or conversation.
  • Tell your artist if the pain gets intolerable, and then he might recommend soothing and anesthetic cream.

After following these tips, you can feel less discomfort and have a smoother and better tattoo experience.

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What are the best ways for the aftercare of a tattoo?

Taking good care of the tattoo after you have it is important for a smooth recovery and healing process. Here are some ways of aftercare for tattoos:

  • To lessen the pain and promote proper recovery and healing, wash your tattoo with a cruelty-free mild soap and clean water, then use a moisturizer with non-fragrant lotion.
  • Completely avoid the usage of harsh substances like alcohol or peroxides, and safeguard your tattoo from the harmful sun rays to prevent it from sunburn.
  • Avoid swimming or soaking the area, go for a quick shower.
  • Don’t scratch the tattoo, as this can cause discomfort and increase scarring of the wound.

By following these tips effectively, it can be ensured that the tattoo heals well and healthily, along with maintaining its vibrant appearance.

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Wrapping Up

If you are considering getting your first tattoo on your body but are hesitant regarding the pain associated with it, then you can see the tattoo pain chart that we have provided in our article above as a reference. Our guide provides answers to all your potential questions regarding tattoo pain so that you can flex your first tattoo with confidence knowing that now you can conquer the pain like a champ. Happy tattooing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pain tattoo or tattoo pain chart?

It is a chart that shows which part of the body is more or less painful to get tattooed.

Which parts feel more pain on the Pain tattoo chart?

Parts with more flesh and muscle, such as the upper arm or thigh, are less painful, while body regions with very less or thin flesh and having more bone, like ribcage or spinal area, are more painful.

Pain feeling as per pain chart depends on what?

The pain you experience depends on various factors like your pain tolerance, age, weight, mental status, psychological and emotional strength, and also on the size of the tattoo.

What is the correlation between gender and tattoo pain?

Women experience more intense pain as per a scientific study, but rest varies from individual to individual.

Can you get sick after getting a tattoo?

It is normal to feel a little ill after getting a tattoo.

Which is the most painful organ to get a tattoo?

The ribcage is the most painful area as per the chart of tattoo pain as it lacks flesh and skin and has bones only and thus the needle scratches a lot.

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